Ponderoast is family, love, and coffee that TRUly rewards.

Our story begins in 1993 with a single cup of mind blowing coffee. That led Engineer Eric Stone to develop a method to roast perfect, repeatable, full flavored coffee beans. A technique he calls "Precision Roasted Coffee."

In 2007, he shared his method with his son-in-law and daughter (Jeremiah & Anne Swanson). Since 2011, Anne has been roasting the coffee precisely right.

Our small batch roasting house nestled in the Ponderosa Pines of Northern Arizona has grown from serving local coffee lovers to sending coffee into homes all over the United States.

Part science, part art, a cup of Ponderoast coffee is all parts glorious.

Thank you for taking a moment to discover the Ponderoast story.

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Anne Swanson coffee roaster for Ponderoast

Anne Swanson, coffee roaster for Ponderoast.