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You may wonder why we would choose to give some of our profits back to our customers. The real answer is that offering cash back rewards is the MOST effective advertising we have ever done!

Imagine being offered several brands of fresh roast to order coffee, all relatively equal in quality and price. If one paid you cash back each time you purchased it, would that influence your buying decision?

What if your cash back grew over time so that not only were you getting some cash back each month, but you were receiving enough cash back that your coffee ended up being paid for?  And as time goes on...not only is your coffee free, you are actually earning hundreds of dollars back every single month, simply making your regular everyday purchases.

With Socialized Commerce that's possible! In fact, simply buying coffee and other regular everyday purchases like food, entertainment, travel, tickets, shampoo, toilet paper, pet items you can generate a substantial passive residual income stream for years to come. 

And guess what?! We're not the only company/brand participating in Socialized Commerce! From huge brands like: Amazon, Priceline, Target, Walmart, The Home Depot, Best Buy, Sam's Club to small niche brands...there are hundreds of companies who want to reward loyal customers.

Socialized Commerce is GREAT news for anybody looking to increase their income. The BEST news is it's absolutely risk free. No investment required. Just a free account to facilitate your purchases and cash back payments.

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