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We believe everyone deserves amazing coffee. We have found an innovative no-cost-to-you way to offer a substantial cash back reward for every order placed. You win (cash back rewards on exceptional coffee) + We win (loyal customers). WE ALL WIN! Start earning rewards today!



We know what a difference fresh coffee makes and so we roast to order. We also know how important it is to stick to a budget. To maximize our efficiency so that we can keep our prices low we currently roast a couple times each week.


Coffee Roasts

Not all roasts are alike! We offer a medium roast and a dark hybrid roast. Our medium roast is determined by the nature of the bean. We look, listen, and smell for the characteristics that bring out the inherent and exceptional qualities of the bean.

Our roaster consistently roasts to the same characteristics with pin point accuracy using our signature Precision Roasted Coffee method.

Our dark roast is super unique in that it is a hybrid dark roast. That means it's a mix of both medium and dark beans. No burnt beans! But the complexity and body that a quality dark roasted bean can offer is a special addition to the full flavor profile of a precision roasted medium bean.


Whole Bean vs Ground

We recommend whole bean. We do not recommend shipping pre-ground coffee. The minute whole bean coffee is ground it starts to oxidize and lose flavor and aroma.

Using fresh ground coffee versus coffee that was ground only 15 minutes ago tastes very different to a sensitive palate. Freshly ground coffee will absolutely give the best possible coffee experience and so we highly, strongly, and pleadingly recommend whole bean.

That being said, yes we will happily grind your coffee! Grinding is complimentary. Please note, we cannot guarantee that our grind is exactly the same as a grind you’ve had before. We offer french press grind (coarse), auto drip grind (medium, it works well in reusable single serve filters like K-cups), and espresso grind (fine).



We do not add anything to our coffee. We do however use cupping notes on our website as a way to describe nuances in the bean. We mention things like body, brightness, flavor, and aroma notes. Since everyone's palate is different, you may or may not be able to notice some or all of these tasting and cupping notes. Flavor is very personal and there is no right or wrong. 



Most orders are packaged and processed for shipping the SAME DAY they are roasted. We do our best to quickly get your freshly roasted coffee straight to you.

We ship domestically via USPS and UPS.

We will send you an email notification when your order has shipped. If it's been 5 business days and you haven't heard from us, please contact us.

Order 2 lb or more to receive FREE shipping.



We want you to be exceptionally happy with your purchase! If you have any issues with your coffee or if there is an error in your order, please contact us within 2 days of receiving your order.  We unfortunately cannot accept returns on coffee because it is a perishable item (gotta follow the health code!). We however will happily chat about how we'll remedy any processing or order errors.

We are absolutely able to replace any items that happen to be damaged in transit. Simply send us a photo of the damage to pass along to our shipping department. If the shipping packaging was damaged, a photo of that can help us get the essential information to our shipping carrier. Please send us the original order number and the best address for any replacement requests.



The coffee packaging has been specially chosen to maximize and maintain whole bean freshness. We recommend keeping your beans in the bag for storage. You will notice a one-way off gassing valve on the back side of your coffee bag. This allows for the release of gasses that naturally occur in the first week after roasting, without allowing any other flavor altering elements to enter the bag. 

You will also notice a super convenient e-zip on the top of the front of the bag. This allows for quick and complete resealing. You can simply squeeze the bag after resealing to press any air out of the bag via the one-way valve. Please store your coffee in a dark, cool place. 

While unopened bags are freezer friendly due to their special off gassing valve, it is suggested to not move opened bags of beans in and out of the freezer repeatedly as there is the potential for mold issues. Please be mindful that coffee absorbs the flavors of things around it, so take care to select a container that has not previously held a strong smelling item.

Please note that after 2-3 weeks from being roasted, you may notice a drop in flavor intensity and a lessening of the flavor nuances. This is the normal progression of oxidation.


Certified Organic

Our coffee is certified organic.  Organic certification prohibits the use of synthetic manufactured pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers and promotes sustainability.


Fair Trade

Our coffee is certified fair trade which requires adherence to standards for fair pay, transparency, ethical treatment, safe working conditions, sustainability, and respect for the environment.



Our coffee is not certified Kosher. However, our coffee beans do not come into contact with any other food products. Also, there are no other flavors or ingredients added to any roast. 


Our coffee is not genetically modified. 

Our coffee is not certified non-GMO. However, Organic and Fair Trade certification standards all prohibit the use of GMOs.


Our coffee is likely gluten free. 

While there is no gluten in coffee, and no gluten introduced during roasting, we can't guarantee that at some point in the growing, processing, or transport of the green beans there wasn't gluten cross contamination. While many gluten free customers (including those diagnosed celiac) have had our coffee with zero issue, we must let you know we are not certified gluten free.


Give-Back Program

A portion of every sale is donated to International Justice Mission. IJM covertly rescues child and sex slaves and captures and successfully prosecutes the criminals all around the world. Once the victims are rescued they are provided with safe shelter, medical care, education, healing opportunities, and love.



Fundraising with Ponderoast is simple and profitable. Non-profits, clubs, sports teams, and even individual students can benefit from Contri-brew-tion. Reach out and discover all the options. 


Customer Service and Feedback

Please utilize our contact form below to reach out to us anytime. We would love to hear from you!