Coffee Grinds We Offer

  • Whole Bean (best flavor)
  • French Press (coarse)
  • Auto Drip/K-Cup (medium)
  • Espresso/Pour Over (fine)


$9.50 $36.00

Peru is soft, sweet, and an aromatic coffee. Pleasing to drink from the initial sweet acidity to its delightful aftertaste. Peru's delicate combination of flavors and aroma are clean and balanced.

Sweet  |  Floral  |  Almond  |  Baker's Chocolate

  • Fair Trade: Yes
  • Certified Organic: Yes
  • Origin: San Ignacio, Cajamarca
  • Varietal: Caturra, Typica, Pache, Catimor
  • Body: Smooth, Medium
  • Acidity: Sweet, Crisp
  • Process: Wet Processing, Sun Dried
  • Flavor Notes: Sweet Floral Aroma, Fruit Tones, Clean Balanced Aftertaste
  • Roast Levels: Medium or Dark Hybrid (equal mix Medium & Dark roasts)