Peru (wholesale)

Fair Trade | Certified Organic | Single Origin

Ponderoast (wholesale) Peru. Portioned in 5 lb bags.

Local Flagstaff, AZ commercial accounts. Local pick-up required. 

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Mexico (Chiapas)
Coffee growers Productores de café de Motozintla provide our fair trade, organic, single origin, exclusively high grown Chiapas green beans.
Practicing subsistence farming, the co-op group work towards the preservation of Maya-Quiché culture which comprise many of its members.

Cooperativa de Servicios Múltiples de San Ignacio located in the mountainous region of the Cajamarca province in Peru, is our source of fair trade, organic, single origin. Peruvian green beans.
They continually seek to produce high-quality coffee and improve its members’ standard of living. The San Ignacio cooperative regularly invest in programs that teach members how to sustainably improve coffee quality and productivity.

Seynekun, is a sustainable organization of small producers in the western stretch of the ancestral Arhuaco territory. Located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Seynekun provide our organic, fair trade, single origin, Colombian green beans.
They are committed to promoting social, economic and environmental sustainability in all of their programs and products.

Permata Gayo Co-op are located in the mountainous terrain of the Aceh province and Gayo region. They supply us our fair trade, organic, single origin, rainforest alliance certified, Sumatra green beans. These beans are processed in the traditional semi-washed (wet-hulled) or Giling Basah method.
Permata Gayo Co-op has successfully established food assistance, women’s pregnancy & health programs. Along with the creation of sustainability and environment conservation initiatives. Many women work both at the farm level and within co-op management.

Café Finos Corquín is an association of more than 400 farming families in the western highlands of Honduras. They supply our fair trade, organic, single origin, rainforest alliance certified, Honduras green beans.
CAFICO supports farms converting to sustainable and organic practices and have programs to reduce forest clearing. They also focus on respect for social and human rights by supporting schools, mothers and children, and small producers.
Mexico (Chiapas)
You'll be charmed by the uniqueness of Chiapas, an ideal sipping coffee. As the coffee temperature cools, new delightful flavors emerge for continued pondering pleasure. Be intoxicated by the aroma hinting of warm cedar in our medium roast.
Chiapas is medium bodied, with light to medium brightness, and tasting notes of baker's chocolate, vanilla, clove, and spice. Prefer a dark roast? You'll love the amazing richness of our Chiapas hybrid dark roast. All the flavors and aromas of the medium roast plus more complexity, depth, and body.

You’ll be delighted by the sunny, nutty, and tangy Colombian bean. Be enveloped by the mild sweet nutty aroma hinting of roasted almonds, pecans, and walnuts.
Colombia is lightly sweet with medium body and brightness. It consistently delivers a delicious coffee. Notice mild sweet fruit notes, a nutty aroma, and a smooth buttery clean finish in the medium roast. Colombia dark hybrid roast further enhances the richness of the bean and increases its depth and body.

You’ll wonder in amazement at the sweet floral and fruit aroma of Peru. With nut, fruit, and chocolate notes, Peru is truly a pleasure.
Peru is smooth and creamy, medium bodied, with a clean balanced aftertaste. The medium roast produces a lingering finish. You’ll notice a quicker finish on the dark hybrid roast with a boost in richness, body, and complexity.

You’ll be surprised by the complexity of Sumatra. With a burst of flavors, its full body, and richness, it is a very bold bean. Sumatra will definitely excite your palate.
Sumatra has a pronounced body, medium acidity, a slight spiciness, a burst of brightness, earth, and wood notes, with hints of stone fruit and tobacco. Medium Sumatra will showcase a slightly more juicy and tangy flavor profile while the dark hybrid roast will increase richness and body.